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  • sport Eyewear
  • sport Eyewear

Sports play such an important part in many of our lives yet some people are unaware how wearing the correct spectacle appliance can greatly enhance performance. We are the local experts in sports eyewear!

A cyclist will be fully aware of the importance of impact protection and protection from the suns glare and UV rays. We offer a very large range of stock Oakley Sunglasses an can order in to your prescription.

Many different specialised tint options are available to try in store. If you value good advice with Oakley's then we are the experts! 

A keen golfer when given the correct high contrast lens (for example the Oakley G30) can find it much easier to see the ball at near and far distances in varied light conditions.

People who swim for pleasure or in a competitive format who have a prescription would most definitely benefit from one of the top quality Speedo goggles.

A squash player may benefit from wearing specific eyewear for both improved vision and greatly improved safety.

Someone who is into a form of shooting  should know the benefit of getting the correct filtered lens to maximise performance in all light conditions.

Children's prescription sports eyewear is a big thing these days. For example we have supplied many Protective prescription specs for Football, Cricket, Tennis and more.

These are just a few examples of the range of sports appliances on offer, many more are also available at your request.

  • sport Eyewear
  • sport Eyewear

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